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Furniture Colours to Match your Natural Stone Tiling

Posted on 24 February 2016

Choosing to undergo the huge task of redecorating your home or property is daunting. Not only is there finance and and a budget to consider, but time, decisions, options and a lot of hard work.

However, the results at the end which showcase the product of your labour is so worth it. Nothing beats brand new floor tiles, a fresh lick of paint, stunning new furniture and the brand new space for you to dwell in.

If you’re looking to purchase some new natural stone tiles for your property’s renovation,  you’ve obviously come to the right place! Natural stone tiling is what we’re passionate about so have no fear that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. However, our expertise also spreads further than just the realms of tiling… We’re fervent about all interior (and exterior) design which is why we’ve written up a brief guide to help you decipher some difficult decisions concerning your natural stone tiles and furniture:

Limestone/Travertine Furniture Colours

Limestone and travertine are similar in colour and texture so we’ve combined these two together with the idea that any matching furniture would be suitable for both types of tile.

Limestone and travertine tiles although vary with each and every tile in colour and texture,  they are generally light coloured, cream tiles with darker, neutral colours running through them. In order to create a nice, strong contrast or colour that won’t get lost in the cream ripples of the stone, you should opt for pine or oak furniture.

For upholstery, go for dark neutrals such as: charcoal, truffle etc to create a warm and aesthetically beautiful vibe to the room:

Terracotta Furniture Ideas

Terracotta is a beautiful, rich, burnt orange colour which brings warmth and homeliness to any property. Ideal for kitchen, bathroom and sitting room alike, in order to compliment these tiles as much as possible, it’s vital to get your matching furniture spot on.

There are two ways to go with Terracotta; dark wood or painted wood. Terracotta is relatively difficult to match with furniture – it really does have to be organised and planned in advance to make sure that it all goes together well and doesn’t look mismatched.

Typically, terracotta is used in older properties such as farmhouses to keep the old-time feel and make it feel warm. Therefore, we suggest going for darker woods or woods that have been painted in light, contrasting colours such as cream which won’t look too much which will compliment the patterns on the tiles.

Furniture to go with Slate Tiles

White or cream are fantastic colours of furniture to go with slate tiles. The contrast between the dusty grey and light white or cream creates a wonderful aesthetic that is both timeless and modern. Similarly, light wood such as a pine works very well with slate due to the stark contrast.

With a slate floor, be sure not to to go for dark furniture as this can make the whole room look very gloomy, oppressive and slightly gothic. Unless this is the style you’re going for, if you have slate tiles always go for light furniture with light upholstery. Colours work quite well with slate also so don’t rule out coloured wood!

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