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5 Fun Facts about Natural Stone

Posted on 23 December 2015

Here at Stoneworth Warehouse, unsurprisingly, we can’t get enough of natural stone tiling. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the aesthetics, durability, versatility, history, science and suitability of natural stone and how it is used for tiling.

Whilst the majority of our understanding of natural stone tiling is practically based, we also enjoy swatting up on the more objectively interesting facts about natural stone; the fun and quirky information which adds even more character to our wonderful tiles.

We have put together a list of some of the most fun facts about natural stone for you to have a read of and to give you a deeper understanding of the stunning tiles we sell here:


  1. Natural Stone Buildings can Last for Thousands of Yearstaj mahal made of limestone
    Natural stone has literally been utilised for human’s construction projects since man has lived in houses. The evidence is strewn across the world in the forms of ruins and in buildings still standing strong. The beautiful natural stone buildings which demonstrate the durability and potential of natural stone include: The Great Pyramids of Egypt which are made entirely out of limestone, The Parthenon in Greece and the Taj Mahal in India which are made from marble. Impressive hey?


  1. Most Natural Stone has been Quarried
    Most natural stone that is used for tiling has been mined in specialist quarries across the world. Many of the people who do the mining have been doing so for generations and are considered the very last, true artisans of stone mining. The skills required for stone mining are incredibly intricate and specialist and have been honed of hundreds and hundreds of years to reach the standard that they are at today.


  1. New Stones are Being Discovered all the Time
    Excitingly, new stones are being discovered all the time and really quite randomly by shepherds and other outdoor dwellers rather than through quarrying. Most of these new discoveries (like many before them) have been found on the sides of Turkish mountains, Italy, Spain, the US Mexico, China, Taiwan, India, Greece, Canada, France and Brazil.


  1. How is Natural Stone Made?
    We all know the basics from school science lessons; stone is formed over thousands of years through the build up and squishing together of minerals. Looking deeper into the science of natural stone however, it really is far more interesting than that…

    The earth formed as a huge body of liquid and gas minerals which eventually cooled and condensed into a solid core. Through pressure, the Earth’s crust was formed and the heavy minerals were pushed down into the core of the earth.

    From the ongoing heavy pressure and heat from within the earth, solid forms such as crystals began to grow and has time went on, the Earth’s crust expanded and eroded meaning that those trapped solid minerals were able to make their way to the surface, creating colossal rock beds. The process to make these rock beds took over one-hundred million years and these are the beds that our tiles are quarried from.


  1. We’ve Not Just used Natural Stone for Building With
    Whilst man has always used natural stone for decorative and constructive purposes, it has also been used for a variety of other things. Still remaining today are examples of the many, many uses we have had for natural stone over thousands of years such as cobbled roads built and used by the Romans, aqueducts, intricately and artistically carved slabs of stone used for decorative purposes and even for inscription purposes.


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