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Is Natural Stone Suitable for Winter Months?

Posted on 11 November 2015

As the winter months are homing in on us and we’re starting to spend more time inside our homes in the warmth than outside in the cold, it gets us thinking about the insulation of our houses and what the best ways are to keep it as warm and cosy as possible.

We all know that insulation in the home is vital to the comfort and wellbeing of those living in it and there are more ways to do this that just double glazing and insulation installation. When decorating your home, it’s important that the basic fundamentals of the property are equipped for both summer and winter months; this includes flooring, curtains, doors etc.

It may surprise you to hear that natural stone is actually a great insulator and way to keep your home warm during winter. Natural stone has been utilised as floor and wall covering for practically as long as man has lived in houses. This is evident in the architectural remains of the Greek and Roman buildings that contain natural stone tiles and mosaics and demonstrates the longevity of the stone and just how durable they are.

It’s no coincidence that natural stone has been used in homes for centuries; it’s for a very good reason! Not only does it bring stunning colours, textures and patterns into your home, natural stone tiles also add a great quality and warmth to a home that just isn’t possible with any other material.

So, in short, natural stone is good for winter. Contrary to the common guess that stone is inherently cold, it is in fact fantastic for heat transference and retains heat for long periods of time. This makes it a particularly good material to use if you have a well-insulated house with central heating as the stone floor will absorb this heat and retain it.

Depending on what type of sub-floor you are laying your natural stone onto, will affect the heat of the tiles. If you’re putting your tiles down onto a concrete screed, it may be worth investing in now affordable underfloor heating. Natural stone is absolutely ideal for conducting underfloor heating and makes a great surface for bare feet.

Most natural stones are very strong and durable, particularly limestone and travertine which make for great family home flooring. Natural stone also comes in a variety of styles which can suit both contemporary styled properties and more traditional settings. This adaptability makes natural stone suitable for country cottages and urban townhouses alike and is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, conservatories, bedrooms and hallways. 

Not only are natural stone tiles beautiful, durable, warm and long lasting (they often outlive the property they’re originally put into), they also add a lot of value to a property. By investing in such luxurious, long lasting and natural high specification material, this will reflect the asking price of your property.

If you’re looking to invest in some gorgeous natural stone tiles, have a look at our range and please feel free to get in contact!

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